Camp Eggers Today in Kabul, Afghanistan

October 19th, 2007 at 11:48 pm by under Politics

I’m starting to feel like everyone in this hotel is shady looking. They are not Afghans and yet they all eye me with suspicion. Actually, everyone eyes everyone here with suspicion. Just now three middle aged men in black suits speaking Russian walked past and stared at me and then stared at my computer where I was sending an email to a friend that said ‘everyone looks like a possible terrorist. Am I that paranoid?’ Oh well. At least they know I’m on to them.

Today was a great experience. We went to Camp Eggers, one of the military bases here, and interviewed 19 soldiers! Some broke down crying while others lived for the adrenaline rush. They let me climb into the gunner’s part of one of the Humvees and said I was the first woman to go in there. They also let me carry their M16′s and grenade launchers. I’ll be using those pics for my MySpace profile.

We also went to the bazaar where I bought 5 Afghan dresses that no one I know will ever wear but I wanted to support their struggling economy. I barely slept last night because I kept having nightmares of us getting attacked. Tonight I’m taking a sleep aid.

3 Responses to “Camp Eggers Today in Kabul, Afghanistan”

  1. MAJ USAR Ret says:

    I’m getting an offer letter today from a small Defense Contrator.

    The job requires a 19 hour, 6 days a week, with Fridays off.

    I’m wondering if I will end up sleeping to one of those vpnverted shipping containers?

    Work Environment

    • The work environment for this position is a war zone, hazardous area, sand storms, dusty, hot/cold, desert area.
    • Hardship and Danger Pay based on Department of State authorized rate

  2. MAJ USAR Ret says:

    check, 10 hourse per day…

  3. MAJ USAR Ret says:

    I can’t spell hours.

    It is 5:04 AM