The Crowds Are Starting To Gather…

March 2nd, 2010 at 8:06 pm by under Politics

The news stations are filling time with political analysis until concrete numbers start coming down  and Bill White supporters are outside sipping on cocktails while waiting for the man of the hour to arrive. I’m listening to the peaceful music provided for us in the press room…currently it’s “All my Ex’s live in Texas.”

In Houston, you see a much different crowd than our beloved Austin. Considering the last time I was here was right after Hurricane Katrina and I only passed through while following Hurricane Rita, I haven’t really had a chance to see Houstonians in their full glory. I now understand why Sen. Rodney Ellis and Rafael Anchia have no worries that White will get plenty of donations for the general election…the cowboys in this town just radiate dollar signs.

And, with the numbers so far it looks like they’ll have plenty to toast to this evening. With just over 2 percent of early votes now counted in Travis County, it looks like White has a hefty lead over Shami – 13,924 to 981.

Will update more later!

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