Why A&M going to the SEC would be confusing

June 11th, 2010 at 6:35 pm by under Sports

I’ve received quite a bit of Aggie feedback on Twitter on Texas A&M’s potential rumored (and I repeat, rumored) move to the SEC. I echo the confusion of most fans as to why it would be a good move, especially for the football team.

There’s no question having a Texas team would be huge for the SEC, but the Aggies would be moving from one strong football conference in the Big 12 to the best football conference in the country, at least as we know now, before the pending Pac-10 moves are over. The Aggies would potentially be in the SEC West, facing the likes of Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State. Pending a move, the divisions may realign, but that’s a murderer’s row of opponents.

In other sports, especially men’s basketball, the Aggies could fare pretty well. But they would have to face Eastern opponents Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida and Georgia.

One of the most extreme points I’ve heard is the Aggies don’t want to “follow Texas” in their potential conference moves.  I don’t think it’s about who is “bowing down” to whom at this point. I think this is about what is best for the school and its athletic programs. And Aggie fans have to ask themselves if playing in the SEC gives their teams the best chance to win.

The SEC was the front-runner in the idea of the super-conference. It made the prototype and it is the strongest athletic conference. With the recent moves of the Big Ten and the Pac-10, only time will tell if their versions can match the SEC in their power. That said, Aggies fans have to ask if they benefit from this potential possibility.

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