Back in the day BLASTOFF!!!

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4th of July

Independence Day in the Ingles Family always  meant fireworks! My brothers, who were always into some shenanigans around our Chicago home never failed to disappoint their little sister with a mini-driveway fireworks display.

With fireworks getting ready to explode all over Austin, I couldn’t help but revisit some of what I consider, the best “back in the day” fireworks.


These were the best to throw at an unsuspecting person’s feet.  What’s better? They are pretty much harmless!

Oh! My co-workers should be glad I don't have some of these!


Ready! Aim! Fire!  Back in the day, you could actually hold Roman Candles, light them and aim as blasts of color shot out of the end. It was like holding a magic fireworks wand in your hand.  (Note: I do not recommend this now)

Roman Candles


Who didn’t love holding on to a sparklers and watching it fizz down to a nub?



These will always and forever be the best way to annoy your neighbors via sound.  Not only do these shoot off and whistle, but when they reach the sky and explode, all you hear…POP!!!  Also, when positioned correctly, you can really aim these at any target (just ask my brothers).



Seriously, no! These are a total dud and only got on this list because it is the firework you love to hate.  Not only did it not look like a snake, but it burned whatever surface you put it on! Sorry about our driveway dad!

Does this not look like the ash on an old woman's cigarette?

Just look at this dud in action.  Really?  Two thumbs down on this back in the day blastoff.  Do you agree?


~This blog is dedicated to the very brave men and wome who serve our country. Especially the 41st RQS, the best men in the AF~

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10 Responses to “Back in the day BLASTOFF!!!”

  1. gabrielle says:

    Pop Pops are the best. Mentioning them reminds me of my forgotten childhood. Thanks for giving them a shoutout!!

  2. Blair Shiff says:

    Love the firework review. I was always a fan of sparklers and Roman candles!

  3. Marco says:

    I agree! The snakes were always cooler looking on the packaging! My friends and I used to attach our action figures to bottle rockets and send them flying!

  4. Jr says:

    Favorite firework? The bigger, the better. I don’t want to have to worry about fingers; I want to worry about whole arms and neighborhood cars. Hope this doesn’t get me on another watchlist…

  5. Lynn says:

    My favorite are sparklers hands down!!! I always remember writing my name with them in the air!!!

  6. Daniel says:

    Using pop pops back in the day always made me feel like a ninja. I would throw them on the ground as a diversion while I disappeared behind a big tree or ran to the back yard. Sadly my friends always found me.

  7. Jayne Ingles says:

    I like the sparklers. They also look amazing on birthday cakes and 4th of July cupcakes.

  8. Robert Ingles says:

    I know Jackie personally and I share those fond memories of so many 4th of July’s at our home in the Southwestern suburbs of Chicago. Jackie was the cutest little girl, and we had so much fun. However, she did leave the Blackcats off the list, and that is by far the greatest low-grade firework of all time!!

  9. Anissa Segura says:

    I still like the colorful smoke bombs!! Can still the smell it!! LOL

  10. LK says:

    I have to say I love Roman Candles. I used to stand with my arm in the air like a statue and just fire them off.