Harvest time at Flat Creek Estate

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Flat Creek Estate

It’s that time of year again when grapes are ready to begin their journey from the vine to the press to the bottle to our wineglasses.

Flat Creek Estate, a mere 45 minute drive from Austin, will begin their 2010 harvesting on or around the 23rd and 24th of July. The exact date depends on the grapes themselves. They have minds of their own and are very opinionated on when it’s time to let the winemaker know…WE’RE READY!

Once they’re ready, Charlie Kidd, the winemaker at Flat Creek, will be leading the charge into the vines to gather the grapes that will, over time, give us their delicious white wines. The harvesting of the reds will commence soon after.

Staff members and volunteers will begin at the crack of dawn and pick until around 11:00a.m. Along with the hard work ,we make new friends and get to be a part of something that supports one of our local vineyards! We get to say that we helped MAKE some great Texas wines!

Harvest Team

If you would like to participate in the harvest, send an email to events@flatcreekestate.com. Then gather your tools: sunscreen, bug spray, hat, sneakers, garden gloves and a hand-pruner (no, not to prune your hands, silly…to cut the grapes off the vines). There will be plenty of water, gatorade and light snacks to keep you snipping away.

And the best part…our very own special “Harvest Dinner” at the vineyard in September to thank the volunteers for their hard work during Harvest 2010.

I’ll see you there…and remember…no nibbling the grapes until they’re wine…and you’re ready to dine!

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