Checking in with the Longhorns

August 7th, 2010 at 5:41 pm by under Sports

The Longhorns start practicing tomorrow (can you believe it?) and that means today was the annual Mack Brown pre-practice press conference. We heard from Mack, Garrett Gilbert, Sam Acho, James Kirkendoll and more as they got ready for camp.

Mack said he wasn’t leaning on the freshman class any more than usual but the talk certainly centered around them today. He said one of the biggest elements to camp is that tomorrow is the day you find out who these kids are on your field with your players against college competition. I’d imagine that never gets old.

Had a nice chat with James Kirkendoll as he will see his role with the team increase in the post Colt and Shipley era. Kirkendoll will likely see his catches total increase and as a senior, he is now the expected leader of this receiving corps. He said his main goal for his and Gilbert’s relationship is that he wants Gilbert to know he can depend on him when he throws the ball.

Make no mistake: this is finally Gilbert’s team. It’s interesting that our final images of Colt McCoy’s last year with the Longhorns star Gilbert, but this year Gilbert gets the reigns from the start. He said he and Greg Davis have discussed what it takes to take over for McCoy, and perhaps the best advice Davis told him was to just be himself. Gilbert is not a guy who talks a lot, but he says he knows he will have to speak up more because that’s what the position requires. After interviewing Gilbert for three years, I’d say he seemed fairly comfortable with this idea.

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