Blue Lapis Light dance group set to perform

September 22nd, 2010 at 11:00 pm by under Photo/Video

Capturing the Blue Lapis Light dance group in downtown Austin. (Ed Zavala/KXAN)

I look forward to shooting with KXAN reporter, Jim Swift,  from time to time because he so often spotlights the Austin arts community. Live music, community theater, new artists and photographers, artisans in craft work from knitting to glass, Jim has done it all. And I have been lucky enough to help him shoot his profiles occasionally. Wednesday saw us head to one of my favorite venues, the Long Center at Auditorium Shores. There, we were treated to a behind the scenes look at the Blue Lapis Light dance group’s latest production, One. It was hot at midday in downtown Austin. The breeze off  Ladybird Lake was welcome, especially with the random rain falling and making it more humid than it needed to be while we walked all over the Long Center’s Plaza. I followed Jim with the boom mic getting crisp audio of the music playing from the company’s MP3 player. For the majority of our shoot, maybe an hour, dark  clouds hung overhead and it seemed to work to set the mood for the company’s rehearsal. The long, flowing silks that descended from the familiar Long Center ring of columns billowed in the wind. The hanging silks were an odd contrast to the rope and steel harnesses needed to complete this aerial dance. It worked…boy, did it work.  The combination of the music and the graceful dancers going through their carefully choreographed moves was calming and beautiful…even in the harsh light of day with the din of construction and traffic giving no quarter.  I was impressed at how beautiful the sneek peek turned out to be, and I can only imagine how impressive the full effect will be at night with all the proper lighting and dress! I felt good about my morning shoot when I returned to the television station later that day. I was reminded why I still enjoy doing what I do and why I love living in Austin.   The Blue Lapis Light production of One runs at the Long Center from September 27 through October 3. Look for Jim Swift’s story previewing this latest production on Thursday evening. For more information, go to the following links:

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