Spotlighting new heart surgery procedure

October 9th, 2010 at 10:51 am by under Photo/Video

I had laparoscopic gallbladder surgery over ten years ago. It was a minimally invasive operation that saw me back on my feet 4 hours after surgery.  I remember walking the hospital hallways for exercise….slowly of course, but I was moving around.  Despite some soreness, I was back to normal with my daily routine in about 4 days. I was glad then for breakthroughs  in medical technology which allowed for my quick recovery time, a tiny scar, and for,  most importantly, less pain. So I was intrigued when our reporter, Dave Scott, said we were going to tell a story about a new procedure offered at the Heart Hospital of Austin. The surgery repairs heart valves, like the aorta and the mitral, endoscopically…no major incision or sternum splitting (ick, sorry) required.  New elongated tools made of stainless steel make this possible. It’s just very cool.  Heart patients are up and around within days, not months…indeed, a true breakthrough. Watch Sunday night after the football game on KXAN, or catch it online afterwards.

  • Dr. Faraz Kerendi examines heart patient, Richard Clark. (Ed Zavala/KXAN)

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