Thank you Sandra Bullock for being a class act

March 17th, 2011 at 8:12 pm by under Photo/Video

This afternoon, I read the best headline ever:  Sandra Bullock donates $1M to Japan.

The lovely Ms. Bullock

Anyone close to me knows that my favorite actress is Sandra Bullock.  I know she gained fame in Speed and won an Oscar for The Blind Side, but I was watching Ms. Bullock way before the blockbusters. Does anyone remember the movie The Thing Called Love? Bullock played the sweet aspiring songwriter Linda Lue Linden.  She acted alongside River Phoenix and Dermot Mulroney.  I was only 9 years old when I saw the movie, but I remember Sandra. At this time, I already knew I wanted to be a television news reporter and there was  a line Sandra said in the movie that stuck with me:  “Look out New York City, cause here I come and I ain’t never leavin’! Whooo!”   When I am challenged career wise, I always go back to this quote. I even remember thinking it when I didn’t land the first internship I applied for in Chicago during college.

If my admiration for Ms. Bullock wasn’t enough, she began filming the movie While you were Sleeping in Downtown Chicago a couple years later. Guess who had a big sister who lived in a high rise just a few buildings away? Me!  I never was able to see Ms. Bullock in person, but I was in the front row at the movie theater when it premiered. I would even drive by Lake Point Towers on Lake Shore Drive when I first got my license to see where she walked in the movie when leaving her comatose pseudo fiance’s bougie condo.

You can imagine my excitement when I moved to Austin and learned Ms. Bullock had a home here and two restaurants. I have dined at both but have had no luck spotting her. I will apologize in advance if I do, because I will likely scream and then pass out. Please Ms. Bullock, do not worry, I am not in need of a psych evaluation, I just admire you and mean no awkwardness or harm.

It didn’t surprise me to learn Ms. Bullock donated $1 million to Japan. She has a reputation for being selfless and has donated to disaster survivors in the past. It was more of a testament to what I have always believed her to be: down-to-earth, caring and genuine.

Thank you Ms. Bullock for doing a great deed and once again exceeding my expectations.  You are a wonderful role model for all the women of the world and an Austin gem.

“Look out Austin world, Sandra Bullock is here and she isn’t ever leaving!”

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  1. Kat says:

    She’s tough. No man is better than a liar. Sounds like she’s doing j
    ust fine.