Seconds count

March 21st, 2011 at 9:23 am by under Sports

For the second straight year the Longhorns found out just how cruel the tournament can be, but unlike last year when missed free throws and a great individual effort left no room for debate, Sunday night was much different. The five second call on Cory Joseph is a pretty rare call in and of itself, but at that time of game is amazing. For the record he called the T.O. between 4.2 and 4.5 seconds. Derrick Williams held the ball longer than that in the post on more than one occasion without a call and you could probably say the same for Tristan Thompson, but the refs let them play. The fact that Richard Cartmell who made the call is a PAC 10 official is more coincidence than conspiracy. As for the no-calls on Brown’s last second shot or Gary Johnson’s follow attempt, seems, understandable in that situation to swallow the whistle unless its blatant, kind of like a five second call with the game on the line. So Texas joins a long list of teams on the wrong side of a controversial call as their season comes to an end. After the game I spoke with Tristan Thompson and Jordan Hamilton about their comments on Saturday that they would return to Texas next season. To my surprise Hamilton seemed more certain that he will return than Thompson. But keep in mind, there will be a lot of people in their ear between now and decision time in May. One factor that could help Texas is the potential labor issues with the NBA. Okay, back to our beautiful drive through Oklahoma.

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