Pets need our attention in heat wave

August 9th, 2011 at 5:09 pm by under Photo/Video

Zane Hartman visits with Lamar, a black Lab puppy, at the Austin Humane Society.

I visited two pet adoption drives this past weekend. At both events, one at the Austin Humane Society  and the other at Austin Pets Alive,  I saw many people visiting the animals, caring for them, and adopting them.  Austin is definitely a pet friendly city. At both places, the workers, who are so dedicated to their cause to find these dogs and cats good homes, stressed the need to take special care of our pets at home during this exceptional heat wave in central Texas. If your pet does not stay inside your home, here are some tips to secure their well being during the day:

1. Provide some shade or cool area out of the sun

2. Make sure your pet has plenty of water to drink

3. Provide a small wading pool with water to cool off in, even freezing a jug ice to insert in the pool 

4. Avoid exercise during midday, best early or late in the day

5. Never leave pet alone in a parked car

Melissa Miller with Austin Pets Alive thinks the heat has definitely played a part in renewing interest in pet adoption recently. Concerned Austinites want to make sure pets are finding their way in to air conditioned homes, and staying out from under triple digit temperatures. The free adoption fees during the drives does not hurt either.

Check out the City of Austin Town Lake Animal Center’s Pet Tips here.

Check out KXAN’s coverage of the Austin Pets Alive adoption drive here on our YouTube channel.


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