Weekly rainfall is really helping!

February 19th, 2012 at 10:01 pm by under Weather

I was crunching some of the rainfall numbers and it has been quite impressive the last 3.5 months.  What I did is looked at weekly (Sun-Sat) rainfall totals from early November through yesterday, and there were only 2 weeks that we did not receive any precipitation.  Of the 15 weeks of data, 5 weeks had 1″+ of rainfall, 10 weeks had at or above normal rainfall.

Nov 6-12 0.09″
Nov 13-19 0.68″
Nov 20-26 2.14″
Nov 27-Dec 3 0.80″
Dec 4-10 1.66″
Dec 5-17 0.95″
Dec 18-24 1.46″
Dec 25-31 0.06″
Jan 1-7 none
Jan 8-14 0.92″
Jan 15-21 none
Jan 22-28 3.54″
Jan 29-Feb 4 0.44″
Feb 5-11 0.09″
Feb 12-18 2.51″

Looking at the data from the US Drought Monitor, it is clear that since our wetter weather started in early November, it has had an effect on the drought in our region.  Notice the numbers from 3 months ago vs Current and you will see the decline in the drought.  I should note, the monitor numbers are for the entire state.  Currently ~5% of the state is not under a drought, with 20% (3% drop) of the state in the worst type of drought.  The biggest drop was in the D3-D4 (extreme & exceptional) drought categories… dropping 35% in 3 months.  

Back in late September 86% of the state was in an exceptional drought, so it is going to take time to wipe the drought out of the state.  Particularly, we need more rain over the Hill Country, that is part of the reason the area lakes and rivers are still in large deficits.   However, just to show how a little rain goes a long way in the lakes.  Look at what 2-2.5″ of rainfall this weekend over parts of the Hill Country is doing for Lake Travis.  In the past 5 days the lake level went up almost 2.25 feet!  Its a start, but Lake Travis is still sitting about 41 feet below normal for this time of year.  I expect the numbers to continue to rise and more runoff makes it to the lake.  Keep our fingers crossed for more rain, and maybe the Lake will be much more accessible by late Spring and Summer.


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