Draconid meteor shower tonight

October 7th, 2012 at 5:31 am by under Weather

The Draconid meteor shower in October 2011 as seen from Europe (Frank Martin, EarthSky.org)

If we manage to get a brief break in today’s abundant cloud cover, be sure to look up!

This evening (and tomorrow evening as well), the Draconid meteor shower will be at its peak.  Read about it below, courtesy of EarthSky.org:

“The radiant point for the Draconid meteor shower almost coincides with the head of the constellation Draco the Dragon in the northern sky. That’s why the Draconids are best viewed from the Northern Hemisphere. The Draconid shower is a real oddity, in that the radiant point stands highest in the sky as darkness falls. Unlike many meteor showers, the Draconids are more likely to fly in the evening hours than in the morning hours after midnight. This shower is usually a sleeper, producing only a handful of languid meteors per hour in most years. But watch out if the Dragon awakes! In rare instances, fiery Draco has been known to spew forth many hundreds of meteors in a single hour. With no moon to interfere during the evening hours, try watching at nightfall and early evening on October 7 and 8.” – EarthSky

2 Responses to “Draconid meteor shower tonight”

  1. Carol says:

    Which sky is the best to view, northern? southern?

    1. davidyeomans says:

      Try the northern sky closer to sundown than midnight. This isn’t usually a big shower – but you might get lucky, especially as skies clear.
      Thanks for reading!