Austin’s Busiest Fall Weekend Forecast

October 12th, 2012 at 11:02 am by under Weather

The list of events in and around Central Texas this weekend is nearly endless.  From the obvious ACL Fest and Red River Rivalry game, to the “smaller” weekend events such as Boo At The Zoo, or Ditch The Fest Fest 3, if you can not find SOMETHING to do this weekend, there is no hope for you!  With the over abundance of scheduled events, a plethora of eyeballs will be locked onto the weather forecast. 

As we all know, we desperately need rain in Central Texas.  Most days we welcome ANY moisture that the skies can provide.  However, on THIS particular weekend, we hope and pray to get through without any “fireworks” courtesy of Mother Nature.  Unfortunately, one of the busiest weekends of the fall, will be plagued by the threat of rain.  We are not expecting a wash out by any means, however, the threat for raindrops will stick around from Friday morning to Sunday evening.  Here is the breakdown:

Gulf moisture is pouring into the area courtesy of a strong southeast flow at the surface.  With that being said, it will feel very muggy throughout the weekend.  Combine that with warm daytime highs, and that equals a recipe for uncomfortable conditions at times.  Also, that moisture, will help fuel this weekend’s shower threat.

On Friday, once the heating of the day gets going, we will run the risk of a few pop up style showers.  There may even be the slim, and isolated chance for a flash of lightning.  Overall, the rain chances for the first day of ACL will stay around 20%. 

Saturday’s fate looks a bit more grim.  Early on, the day’s weather pattern will resemble Friday very closely.  A 20% chance of rain will hang around from the morning hours, through the mid to late afternoon.  From there, the threat for rain will grow.  A cold front will swing through during the late day, and will increase the percent chance for rain to 40% .  In fact, our best chance for widespread, more intense showers will range from Saturday night through Sunday morning. 

The frontal boundary should begin to exit Central Texas sometime around noon Sunday.  This will allow the shower threat to dwindle back to the 20% range for the rest of the day. 

Even though we will not see the rain consistently all weekend, if you are headed to ACL, the UT/OU game in Dallas, or any other outdoor event this weekend, be prepared.  It will be a good idea to take an umbrella, or poncho along with you.  Have a great and safe fall weekend!

Percentages on the left side of each day represent AM rain chances. Right side percentages represent PM rain chances.

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