The Nagging Nor’easter…

November 8th, 2012 at 8:22 am by under Weather

Most of us just can’t imagine the hardship that folks along the New Jersey and New York coastlines are going through.  So far, 10 days without power, many homes along the coastline have been condemned (some residents have been told they are not allowed to go back to live in their homes for 1-2 years!), and now, another major storm is battering the already devistated coast. 

The powerful nor’easter has been pelting the coastline with a large storm surge (into beaches which have already been badly erroded), 50-60+ mph winds, and cold enough air to produce large snowfall totals in many communities.  To this point, 100,000 homes have had their power cut off from this latest battle with Mother Nature.  When you factor this number into the amount of families that still haven’t gotten their power back from Sandy just yet, it totals roughly 725,000 homes without electricity.  No electricity means no heat, no heat means a brutal situation being made worse by temperatures that will stay around the freezing mark through the end of the week.

For this time of year, a winter storm this powerful that is able to dump this much snow on the northeast,is very rare.  Almsot as rare as the unlikely scenario that played out with Hurricane Sandy’s path a week and a half ago.  In fact, snow total records are dropping as fast as the flakes are falling.  Here are some of the totals and records that have been broken as of 8:00am EST:

–Newark, N.J.: 5.7 inches (trace from 1981)
–Bridgeport, Conn.: 5.4 inches (2.0 inches from 1953)
–Worcester, Mass.: 5.2 inches (1.4 inches from 1953)
–New York City’s Central Park: 4.3 inches (0.1 of an inch from 1878)
–New York City’s John F. Kennedy Airport: 4.0 inches (first occurrence of snow on November 7)
–Hartford, Conn.: 3.4 inches (0.2 of an inch from 1953)
–Atlantic City, N.J.: 2.5 inches (2.0 inches from 1953)
–Islip, N.Y.: 1.7 inches (first occurrence of snow on November 7)
–Providence, R.I.: 1.3 inches (trace from 2010)
–New York City’s LaGuardia Airport: 1.1 inches (first occurrence of snow on November 7)
–Bangor, Maine: 0.3 of an inch (trace from 2002)

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The highest total seen so far fell in a township called Clintonville, Conn.  The white blanket is now 13.5″ thick courtesy of the powerful winter storm.  Coming in a close second place is Freehold, NJ.  Thusfar, 13.0″ has come down from the skies.

If you are able, please consider helping out those in need.  It’s not just money that is needed…. Blood, clothing, food, and homes for abandoned pets are just a few examples of other things that are being asked for.  For more information follow this link to NBC News.

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