One Month Later…

November 24th, 2012 at 8:13 pm by under Weather

It has been nearly a month since Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy pummeled the Northeast US Coastline into submission.  It will easily go down as one of the most devastating, and costliest natural disasters in United States history.  Sandy’s effects on the New York and New Jersey coastlines may have faded from the headlines, but are still an ongoing problem.  In case you have missed these stories over the past few days, here is the latest on what is happening to our friends and neighbors 1,750 miles away.

Thanksgiving For Sandy Victims

For hundreds, even thousands of families still without power, a traditional hot Thanksgiving dinner was just a dream.  That dream came true for many folks Thursday evening, as volunteers flocked to help those who just wanted one meal, to help forget their daily nightmare.  One non-profit group delivered 35,000 hot Thanksgiving dinners comprised of turkey, mashed potatoes, and apple pie to those in need. 

Multiple resturaunt owners across NYC have devoted their kitchens strictly to provide free meals to Sandy’s victims.  One returant owner was quoted as saying “as long as the victims keep coming, we’ll keep feeding them.” 

Even celebrities decided to spend their holiday giving a helping hand.  Rapper 50 Cent was found passing out food near Wall Street that was prepared by two famous NYC chefs.  There have even been whispers that kids were trying to keep the plates that 50 touched as a memento!!

Latest NJ Damage Estimates

Not long ago, preliminary damage analysis, prepared by the office of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, was released.  In the report, it is estimated that at least $29.4 billion of damage was caused by Sandy’s wrath in New Jersey alone.  According to Christie, the estimate includes damage to personal property, businesses, infrastructure, and utility damage.  Christie also said the estimate will be refined in the future to include impact on the next tourist seasons, real estate values, and population shifts.

Washed Away Sand Dunes To Be Rebuilt

Coastal towns have always been susceptible to incoming water from the Atlantic.  Multiple precautions were taken in these locations to protect homes from the invading water.  One known way of doing this, was to  put homes close to the shore on stilts.  Another, was to build natural barriers between neighborhoods and the water, made of sand.  These massive sand dunes were always considered a great protector from the surge of a normal storm.  However, Sandy was no normal storm.

With Sandy’s massive storm surge, dunes were compromised, and in many cases completely washed away.  In some towns, sand was carried 1/2 of a mile inland, and placed wherever the water decided was a good spot.  This has left homes susceptible to more water damage, considering the ocean now has a free and clear path to move in. 

Local governments have decided this is a problem that needs to be taken care of immediately.  Therefore, bulldozers and backhoes have been brought in to move the displaced sand back to the shore.  Crews have been working feverishly to rebuild the dunes, so they can then get back to work picking up the pieces of their towns, without having to worry about more water slowing them down.

Our thoughts and prayers have been, and continue to be with those whose lives have been completely altered by this natural disaster.

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