NYE Forecast & Looking Back

December 31st, 2012 at 11:20 am by under Weather

Happy New Year’s Eve Day everyone!  If you have any outdoor plans tonight, make sure to have a poncho or an umbrella handy.   It is bittersweet that the best chance for rain that we have seen in months comes around on this day of all days.  We need the rain badly, but if it could have just waited 48 hours!!  Oh well… no matter if you’ll be in, or outdoors please have a wonderful and safe celebration this evening.  Here are the details of your NYE forecast:

Have a great and safe night!

From a weather perspective it has been a very interesting year.  We exited the summer months with quite the surplus in the rain gauge at Camp Mabry, however with an extremely dry finish to the year, we are so far, below average for the 2012 calendar year.  Here are some rain numbers: ***Data does not include rain totals from December 31st*** 1st Quarter 2012  -  13.21″ of rain  (+6.21″ compared to avg.) 2nd Quarter 2012  -  5.73″ of rain  (-5.05″ compared to avg.) 3rd Quarter 2012 – 12.77″ of rain  (+5.55″ compared to avg.) 4th Quarter 2012  -  1.03″ of rain  (-8.13″ compared to avg.) **We will update the numbers when NYE totals become official**

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