Think you’re getting sick? Probably allergies

March 13th, 2013 at 10:49 pm by under Weather

POLLEN COUNT  You may be enjoying the beautiful weather, but so are the trees. The number of trees pollinating multiplied overnight, resulting in the largest spring pollen numbers recorded this season by the First Warning Weather team.

Including mold, there were a total of 10 pollen sources in Wednesday’s count, which is by far the most since last spring.

Many allergy sufferers are feeling the effects, with itchy eyes, sore throats, sneezing and sinus symptoms. Allergists recommend allergy medication, or if symptoms are severe, a visit to your doctor.

Pollen counts are always available on by clicking here .

Here are the latest numbers from Dr. Douglas Barstow, Jr., and Dr. Thomas Leath, of Allergists of Austin:
Mold: 1,300 High
Oak: 285 Med
Ash: 86 Med
Cottonwood: 100 Med
Hackberry: 75 Med
Mulberry: 53 Med
Elm: 72 Med
Sycamore: 108 Med
Willow: 61 Med
Poplar: 22 Med

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