Scattered storms bring heavy rain to the Hill Country

July 21st, 2013 at 9:50 pm by under Weather

A moist, tropical air mass supplied by an area of low pressure spinning to our west interacted with daytime heating Sunday to produce scattered afternoon thunderstorms across Central Texas.

7-21 Leander tstorm

Some of those became quite strong – like the storm pictured above. This photo was taken in Leander looking westward towards Burnet, where the storm was dropping very heavy rainfall totals. Doppler radar indicated that the top of this thunderstorm anvil was more than 45,000 ft high!

7-21 oasis screengrab

The above photo shows a different perspective on the thunderstorm – this time seen from the KXAN Oasis Cam, high above Lake Travis.

The storm exhibits classic thunderstorm characteristics such as a shelf cloud where the rain-cooled air was expanding away from the storm, a nice downdraft area of heavy rainfall, and an impressive vertical structure and anvil top.

7-21 hill co totals

As that storm trekked Sunday evening from NE of Fredricksburg towards Burnet County, it dropped more than 1″ of rain near Willow City and Kingsland.

The storm intensified and slowed forward speed when it reached Burnet County, dropping nearly 3 inches of rain 8 miles SSW of Bertram (rainfall totals courtesy of the LCRA Hydromet network).

As of Sunday evening, several low water crossings in Burnet County remain closed due to flooding.

Remember – Turn Around, Don’t Drown!

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  1. Bob says:

    But, of course, despite the flooding none of the Highland Lakes will rise.