Kaxan and I visit Spicewood Elementary

March 27th, 2014 at 2:49 pm by under Weather

Let me tell you, the Round Rock ISD Spicewood Elementary School 2nd graders are awesome! I visited with 145 of the Panthers this afternoon, and they were so attentive and polite, and asked some very intelligent questions about the weather.

Spicewood 3

Spicewood Elementary Panthers 1

Spicewood Elementary 2nd graders

kaxan head shotKaxan read a book at Rawson Saunders School

Our mascot Kaxan joined me for a few minutes and the kids really loved him–especially his autographed photos!

It was a busy day for Kaxan. This morning he listened while students from Rawson Saunders School read two books to him. It was one of his regular visits as a Divine Canines therapy dog.


4 Responses to “Kaxan and I visit Spicewood Elementary”

  1. Max Woodfin says:

    Hey Jim, many thanks for the mention of Divine Canines. Kaxan is doing a great job for us!

  2. Jane Shaughness says:

    Thanks for mentioning Divine Canines. They do such good work, all over town!

  3. Cindy Jones says:

    Thank you for visiting Spicewood Elementary! My son thoroughly enjoyed it and told me we needed to watch at 5:00. Getting any kind of daily report from him is a very big deal, so that tells you how much he enjoyed it.
    Thanks again.

    1. Jim Spencer says:

      Thanks– we enjoyed our trip! I just wish I wouldn’t have called the school “Spicewood Springs” on the air! Great kids!