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Ultimate Christmas Movies

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In the Ingles family during the holiday season, there are always the must-see holiday movies. As I sit alone on this Christmas Eve, watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, it got me thinking, what are my top five holiday movies? Well, here is the list and I have checked it twice.

1) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The little lights aren't twinkling Clark!

The sarcastic comments launched at family members and a father obsessed with having the perfect family Christmas make this movie what it is. Not to mention, it is set in my home state of Illinois. One cannot help but laugh at the uncouth Uncle Eddy–because we all have family members we prefer to keep on the down low. How could you share the same DNA with that person? Not to mention, the older relative who is losing her mind and sings the Pledge of Allegiance instead of saying Grace.

Most memorable Griswold quotes:

  • “The little lights, they aren’t twinkling Clark”
  • “You taught me everything I know about exterior illumination”
  • “Is your house on fire Clark?”
  • “Is Rusty still in the Navy?”
  • “Hey Griswold, where are you going to put a tree that size?”
  • Why is the stereo all wet, Todd?”  Reply: “I don’t know Margo”
  • “You better take a rain check on that Art, he has a lip fungus that hasn’t been identified yet”
  • “If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I would not be more surprised than I am now”

I absolutely love this movie so much, I even based by Christmas Eve report on it.  Go watch!




2) Home Alone                                               

Kevin? Keeeevvvvvviiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn?

Again, another holiday movie filmed in Illinois!  When Home Alone first hit theaters, my brother Bob and I saw it 13 times! Each time was funnier than the last.  Since that time, this has become an Ingles family classic. I may not live at home, but when it is on, my family and I are texting back and forth with movie quotes. This is one of my favorite movies.

Most memorable quotes/scenes (where do I start?):

  • The ultimate is when Marv has a tarantula put on his face and screams.  (Did you know that Daniel Stern allowed producers to put the tarantula on his face once and his scream was actually edited in later?)
  • “You know, Kevin, you’re what the French call les incompetents”
  • “Ugh, Buzz’s girlfriend”  (FYI, the picture was actually a boy with a wig on!)
  • “I think we’re getting scammed by a kindergartner”
  • “I know that name Snakes”  Reply: “Snakes, no, no I don’t know no Snakes”

Fun fact: Producers got the idea for Home Alone after McCauley Culkin starred in Uncle Buck.  In that movie, Buck’s girlfriend comes over to babysit two children that are home alone!



3) Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (of course!)

Suck brick kid!

Sequels are usually bad. This one was arguable better than the original movie!  Instead of being Home Alone, Kevin McCallister boards the wrong flight at O’Hare (again, set in Chicago) and jets to NYC while his family heads to Florida on another plane.  Once there, the goofball burglars he sent to jail, Marv and Harry, are fugitives on the run!

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Suck brick kid”
  • “Maybe I’m off my hinges, but I believe you. That’s why I’m gonna let you go. I’m gonna give you to the count of three to get your lousy, lyin’, low-down, four flushing carcass OUT my door! 1… 2… “
  • “We are no longer the wet bandits, we are the sticky bandits, S-T-ugh”

Fun fact: Duncan’s Toy Chest was actually a bank in Chicago’s financial district converted into a toy store.






4) Scrooged

I was a schmuck, and now I'm not a schmuck!

Filmed in 1988, my older brothers would always watch this movie. I will admit, as a younger girl, some of the scenes scared me, but as an adult, I see the humor in the movie along with a great message.  Plus, who doesn’t just love Bill Murray?

Memorable Scenes/Quotes:

  • “I don’t mind you shooting at me, Frank, but take it easy on the Bacardi! “
  • “Close your eyes…! And think of snowflakes and moonbeams and whiskers on kittens”
  • “We’re gonna need champagne for 250 people, and send the stuff that you send to me. Don’t send the stuff that I send to other people”








5) Christmas Story

Ralphie Parker and his BB gun.  Who can ever forget, “You will shoot your eye out” or “drink your ovaltine?”  The movie, leg lamp in all, is a classic.  And whose mother didn’t over do it when came to bundling them up to play outside in the cold? And remember when Ralphie says a cuss word and gets a bar of soap in his mouth? YUCK

Fun Facts:

  • The actor who played Ralphie, Peter Billingsley, went on to become a producer in Hollywood
  • The Cleveland home the movie was filmed in is actually a museum now that is a tribute to the movie.



Spicewood: It takes a community to rebuild

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I was out of town visiting family when the 6,400 acre wildfire broke out in Spicewood. Normally, a drive I take to work a couple days a week is filled with the great scenery on Highway 71. The jaw drop that occurred when I came back and saw the destruction a wildfire left in its place had me telling my news team on a conference call that parts of Spicewood looked like a scene out of a Tim Burton movie.

Tim Burton movie set or Spicewood?

The Spicewood fire undoubtedly was overshadowed by the fire that occurred in Bastrop. The Hill Country, however, is my territory and beat. Any chance I get to go out there, I do. I’ve made it my goal to make sure KXAN reports and gives coverage to the fire victims there.

Fire Ravaged Home off Paleface Ranch Road

The fire ravaged 6,400 acres and the cause still has not been disclosed. I have no doubt rebuilding will take months and regrowth of trees and vegetation will take even longer. What is great is that the community is coming together to help. Every time I am out on a story, I hear about volunteers giving their time and energy to help clean up. On Sunday, the Cazalas family worked along with colleagues and neighbors to clean up their two acre property. They have nothing left except what is in a wheelbarrow. Sitting under a tree, the wheelbarrow is filled with charred jewelry, pots, pans and one melted Christmas ornament.

What is left of heirlooms

It is nice to see neighbors helping neighbors. And, I think this is what will help with rebuilding. Nothing is more comforting in times of disaster or despair than to have friends around who are supporting and caring for you. On Sunday, I pulled on to a property leveled by fire and was quickly met by a man wanting to know who I was and why I was on the property. He said, “We look out for each other here.” I explained to him what I was doing in the neighborhood and he quickly told me how he has taken watch because he does not want his neighbor’s property looted. I know he took me for someone out to do wrong. But, I simply took a few steps back and listened to him. After asking him how he was doing, how rebuilding was going, what would he like me to know as a reporter, his attitude became friendly. I didn’t end up interviewing that man even though I wanted a story. It meant more to let him know, I am here listening and I wanted to know what he had to say and how he was doing following the fire whether a camera was rolling or not.

What if this was all you had left?

There is no doubt Spicewood residents have a long road ahead. Still, with the support system they have in place, that road will eventually lead to new homes. I also want to add that the bonds between neighbors that are being made will stand the test of time and that is something flames can’t destroy.

5/1/11 A Date to Remember

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5/1/11 A Date to Remember

Ten years ago this September, I was sitting in my high school mass media class. I was a senior at the time. I already knew I was on my way to becoming a reporter. A little after class started my principal at Hinsdale South High School took to the intercom and announced to the school that a plane had hit the one of the Twin Towers in NYC.  About 30 minutes later, we got the announcement that another plane had hit the other tower and both had collapsed. We were not allowed to turn on the televisions in the classroom and were instructed to go about our day. No one knew at the time it was terrorism or that Osama Bin Laden was behind it.

I can remember almost every detail of that day.  I was wearing a black skirt and blue sweater.   I remember gathering around the television when I got home with my parents and watching the airplanes slam into the towers.  I remember thinking how it looked like a video game and that it couldn’t be real.

I went for a drive that night to the local Walgreens and I remember hearing fighter jets fly overhead. For the first time, I was scared. I kept thinking, you hear fighter jets fly over in war torn countries, NOT in suburban Burr Ridge, Illinois.  Falling asleep that night was impossible.

It has been nearly a decade since that horrific day.  I first learned of Osama’s death on Facebook. My email was literally pinging, alerting me to comment after comment. Ironically, I was sitting in the live truck wearing a black skirt and blue sweater.  I know that just like 9/11, I will remember exactly where I was when this news broke.  I hustled back to the station from Elgin where there was a brush fire and hit 6th street for reaction. There was a man who had an American flag draped around his shoulders….he told me he just couldn’t stay home.

Osama bin Laden

Marching down MLK Blvd, I met a former Naval Officer.  He was carrying a flag and in partial uniform.  He nearly broke down when I interviewed him.  At the same time, a car full of fraternity guys rolled up in a pickup truck and were honking and screaming, “America!”

All that I kept thinking in my own head was that Americans persevered.  We never forgot 9/11 and we never gave up on finding Osama. He may have run and hid for a decade, but in the end, we got him. I think there is a huge message coming out of America tonight and that is if you commit such a heinous act and terrorize and kill innocent people, we will hunt you down and never ever give up.   The events that unfolded after 9/11 have cost American lives and left behind heartache. I commend all of our military men and women who have sacrificed for our country, spent time away from loved ones while deployed and those who gave their lives so that this day of justice could come for our country.

I know I will always remember where I was on 5/1/11.

Where were you when you heard and will you remember?


X the Text

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X the TEXT

It is 7 a.m. and we are at the McDonald’s off Braker Lane in north Austin.  By we, I mean our KXAN photographer Thomas, me and two members of our marketing team.

We have our X the Text thumb bands…I am sporting a pink one…naturally!

So far, we have had at least 20 people come up and snag a band.  They also took the pledge to no longer text and drive.   But, before we were handing out these thumb bands, there were four teens in Fredericksburg that put a stop to texting behind the city in their town.  Ashlyn Beckmann, Victoria Burke, Jena Ottmers and Alexis Schmidt, all juniors at Fredericksburg High School, turned a school health project into a law.  It happened this past February.

The teens took their project to the city council members and five votes later it became law that texting while behind the wheel within Frederickburg city limits is illegal.  But, there is more to this. The teens also made it illegal to text while stopped at a stoplight or at a stop sign.  They girls feel this is just as dangerous as driving and texting.  Now, if you get caught sending that text, you will get a ticket and face a $200 fine!


Jena Ottmers, Alexis Schmidt, Ashlyn Beckmann & Victoria Burke

So far, only one warning has been issued in Fredericksburg.  The girls are taking this as good news and believe people are stopping texting and their law is actually saving lives.

Will you X the Text?

If you want to take the pledge, come see us at the McDonalds on Braker until 10 a.m. today (4/29) or the McDonalds off East Ben White Blvd.

Then, at noon today, we will be at the McDonalds off Martin Luther King Blvd near The Drag.

To find out more about X the Txt click here.

Bluebonnet Air Show: Highway to the Danger Zone?

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If there is one thing that gets me excited, it is Air Force Jets and helicopters. It has nothing to do with the movie Top Gun, but more that I have a personal connection to an AF pilot and previously covered Moody Air Force base while working at my previous station.  So, when I got word months ago that the Bluebonnet Air Show was coming to town, I immediately decided that I must cover it!

A lot of people would think an air show in Burnet wouldn’t bring in big planes, but it was AWESOME!  Look at the shot of the engines on the back of the A-10s.  I can remember trying to fall asleep in Valdosta, Georgia, and hearing these Warthogs go rumbling through the air.  The screeching noise is something you cannot forget.

I traded the Ford Escape news truck for this baby!

The DC-3 Bluebonnet Belle also made a cameo.  This airplane has a great deal of history.  Do you know that the DC-3 was the only aircraft to serve with all major WWII combatants?  Paratroopers would pack inside and jump into enemy territory.  The Highland Lakes Squadron purchased her in 2002.  She was in shabby shape and needed work before she hit the runway.  Now, she rolls down the runway in Burnet like she owns the place.

Bluebonnet Belle

For the queasy folks who couldn’t stomach the twists and turns stunt pilots were doing mid-air, there were restored military vehicles at the show too.  I couldn’t resist sitting in this old Jeep!  Inside, there were  old school helmets, gloves and even a push-button clutch.  Isn’t it amazing that Jeeps, although they have been around for decades, still retain their shape and same round headlights?  The Jeep’s style has evolved, but, not by much.

I feel like I am on the set of MASH


No, the Blue Angels weren’t there and no, I didn’t get special reporter perks and get to fly in a plane. I did, however, get to jump into a standard issue flight suit and sat in the cockpit of a fighter jet.  The most surprising part to me was how small it was. I am not complaining about leg room on a commercial flight ever again.  And, because I am a total child, I had to touch all of the buttons, especially the red ones.  No worries, the cockpit was actually just that…a cockpit that had been cut out of a fighter jet.  There was no danger by touching the buttons.

Breaking Fashion News: Are you a journalista?

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Do you prefer journalista or reporterista?


Everywhere I turn these days, it seems journalism is becoming the hottest fashion trend.   Of course, for those of us in the industry, we already knew journalism was cutting edge and it was only a matter of time before the catwalks of Milan, Paris and New York City caught on.

A subscription to Kate Spade will cost you $125

It was not shocking to find out that the most fashion forward woman is also entering the broadcast journalism field. Who is this woman? None other than Barbie!!!  This year Mattel rolled out its 125th career Barbie and she finally found her way to the anchor desk and delivers the savvy BNews.

Reporting Live in Downtown Austin, Barbie, KXAN Austin News.

The best part is, Barbie is in tune with the broadcast times and carries her own little P2 camera just like me! Sure, she might not be able to MPJ in her pink skirt suit…wait, I will take her with me and show her how a city girl makes it in the Texas Hill Country.  I have shot in a pencil skirt and even hopped a fence with a tripod and all.   And, since she showed up under the Christmas tree last year, we could drive to work together. Michael Fabac, want to offer Barbie a contract?

For those who subscribe to the words of Ron Burgundy “It is anchorman, NOT anchorlady,” don’t worry, you haven’t been edited out.

These tiny cufflinks come with a $6,700 price tag

Maybe you are more into home decor. Picture this: You just got your jog on and take a shower. But, you need a little extra OOMPH to get you into reporting and coffee just isn’t getting it done.  Well, it is time to take a look in the mirror to remind you who is making headlines.

No comment?

This press conference mirror  may only be 11 inches wide x 15 inches tall, but it will leave you feeling a lot bigger inside.  Maybe you don’t want to star in your own little press conference and celebrity gossip has you wanting to dodge papparazzi. Yeah, celebrity gossip isn’t hard news, but reporters are like doctors, we have different specialties.  Don’t worry, they make a mirror for that too.

Can you hear those cameras flashing?

If you happen to be married to someone in the industry or maybe you are a husband/wife anchor team, why not put these mirrors up side-by-side in the bathroom?

I dedicate this blog to Leila Rahimi…a true reporterista

Bluebonnets are Blooming

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The bluebonnets are (kind of) blooming in the Texas Hill Country

Driving to and from stories in Burnet, Llano and Fredericksburg comes with an extra bonus this time of year because bluebonnets and other wildflowers are in bloom.  These colorful flowers are sprouting up  along normally mundane stretches of highway.

Bluebonnets make a cameo on Highway 71 in Spicewood

There are also nice sprinkles of pink winecups and yellow coreopsis flowers dotting the roadsides as well.  But, we are early in wildflower season and there aren’t a lot of these flowers. It is more like patches here and there.

Last year, the Hill Country saw a bumper crop of bluebonnets. The wetter weather allowed the bluebonnet pods to grow in abundance at the right time.  A few months back, agriculture extension agent Wade Hibler showed me around Burnet and expressed his concern that few pods were found due to drought.  Nothing was sprouting when it should have been and he even seeded the area with store bought product.

The spotty presence of bluebonnets has many in the Hill Country asking, will we have a good crop this year?  Will this impact tourism?

These are all great questions and the answer will come in time.  Bluebonnets and other wildflowers usually reach their peak in the last week of April and different flowers sprout up in mid-May. So, we have roughly one month to see if we come close to what we had last year.


Wildflowers on April 19, 2010

The flowers were definitely beautiful last year and the local economy did benefit.   I can remember people hopping out of there cars along the highway to take pictures.  I have not seen one person yet.

Here are two pictures of what is growing so far in Burnet County.

A little yellow to spice things up

The little bluebonnets that could?

Partying with Perez

March 22nd, 2011 at 12:45 pm by under Photo/Video

Partying with Perez

CONGRATULATIONS! You and One Guest have won tickets to Samsung Focus Presents Perez Hilton’s “One Night in Austin” during SXSW!

10,000 SXSWers got this message for the celeb gossip blogger’s party at the W Hotel. When I got it, I screamed and called everyone in my phone log that new of my obsession.  Admittedly, I read Perez like I ready the morning paper. At the time, I didn’t know 10,000 were sent out. I felt special. Next up, get in line to get a wristband, all while knowing that this doesn’t guarantee admission.

Just to get a wristband!?!

Jetting over before my nightside shift Saturday, I scored two wristbands.  I later found out that only 1,000 people would get in the door. Prepare for a stampede of crazy thoughts in my head. Would I make it in after getting off work at 11 p.m.? Would the party be packed? Would my Perez dreams be dashed?

Grabbing my change of clothes, I transformed from TV reporter to a SXSWer after my last live shot.  There was no parking near the party. As my friend and I drove around, I could see there was a mob of people at the door waiting to get in. Would we make it?

Well, we did. By the time we parked and got up to the door, they security guard said, “Girls, you made it.”  It is like he knew this was the biggest deal of my day. Walking up the steps to the W Hotel, there was the welcoming sign displayed in lights:


I was like a tourist taking snapshots of everything inside. Thank goodness for camera phones and flipcams!  We did go inside the auditorium and heard a few sets of music and danced (if you can call my moves dancing).

Perez was only 4 ft. away...

I will say that the highlight of my night was being within arm’s reach of Perez. I wanted to scream out his name and get a picture, but I thought ‘keep your composure’ and was  just be happy to be there. So, I just took far away shots of him that turned out horrid due to lighting. But, oh well. I had my moment.   He had on a funky red top hat, black shirt and multi-colored pants that looked like they were plastered with ads.

A lot of people do not understand the hype surrounding Perez.A lot of people looked at me wondering why I was excited about a blogger? I get that Perez isn’t breaking hard news.  He does have the skinny on every celebrity scandal and has his finger on the pulse of pop culture.  Some people go home and their secret indulgence is a great cocktail or some television show, for me, it is the salacious gossip of Perez Hilton.  You could call it my secret shame.

I also applaud Perez for seeing a multimedia opportunity that no one else did and taking it. He blew the celebrity world up and changed the way magazines like People distribute their news.  He made himself an industry and the empire is still growing. So, laugh and chuckle at my indulgence and going to ‘some’ blogger’s party. Perez isn’t just a blogger, he is an entrepreneur  and there will undoubtedly be much more to come from this man!




Thank you Sandra Bullock for being a class act

March 17th, 2011 at 8:12 pm by under Photo/Video

This afternoon, I read the best headline ever:  Sandra Bullock donates $1M to Japan.

The lovely Ms. Bullock

Anyone close to me knows that my favorite actress is Sandra Bullock.  I know she gained fame in Speed and won an Oscar for The Blind Side, but I was watching Ms. Bullock way before the blockbusters. Does anyone remember the movie The Thing Called Love? Bullock played the sweet aspiring songwriter Linda Lue Linden.  She acted alongside River Phoenix and Dermot Mulroney.  I was only 9 years old when I saw the movie, but I remember Sandra. At this time, I already knew I wanted to be a television news reporter and there was  a line Sandra said in the movie that stuck with me:  “Look out New York City, cause here I come and I ain’t never leavin’! Whooo!”   When I am challenged career wise, I always go back to this quote. I even remember thinking it when I didn’t land the first internship I applied for in Chicago during college.

If my admiration for Ms. Bullock wasn’t enough, she began filming the movie While you were Sleeping in Downtown Chicago a couple years later. Guess who had a big sister who lived in a high rise just a few buildings away? Me!  I never was able to see Ms. Bullock in person, but I was in the front row at the movie theater when it premiered. I would even drive by Lake Point Towers on Lake Shore Drive when I first got my license to see where she walked in the movie when leaving her comatose pseudo fiance’s bougie condo.

You can imagine my excitement when I moved to Austin and learned Ms. Bullock had a home here and two restaurants. I have dined at both but have had no luck spotting her. I will apologize in advance if I do, because I will likely scream and then pass out. Please Ms. Bullock, do not worry, I am not in need of a psych evaluation, I just admire you and mean no awkwardness or harm.

It didn’t surprise me to learn Ms. Bullock donated $1 million to Japan. She has a reputation for being selfless and has donated to disaster survivors in the past. It was more of a testament to what I have always believed her to be: down-to-earth, caring and genuine.

Thank you Ms. Bullock for doing a great deed and once again exceeding my expectations.  You are a wonderful role model for all the women of the world and an Austin gem.

“Look out Austin world, Sandra Bullock is here and she isn’t ever leaving!”

I’ll take you to the candy shop

March 11th, 2011 at 9:52 pm by under Photo/Video

Rarely ever in my go, go, go world of MPJing do I ever get to stop off at a store mid work day.  That changed on Monday in Fredericksburg. There, amid all the cute stores was the Lone Star Candy Bar.  If you know me, you know I can get tricked into a van for candy. I had to go in and I was nothing short of an MPJ in a candy shop!   Inside, wall-to-wall candy. They had everything from the old classics like candy cigarettes to homemade fudge.

Lone Star Candy Bar

Very rarely in any city do you find a full blown candy bar. It got me thinking about my favorite candies as a kid. And, here they are and very rarely do you find these at your local HEB or convenient store.






There are also some favorites that did not make the top 5 like Fruit Stripe gum and Saucer Candies.  I want to know from viewers what candies defined your childhood?  Are some of your favorites no longer made or can you not find them?

Finally, I leave you with one more picture from the candyland I found in the heart of the Hill Country.