And yet another sad one…

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Another senseless death. What is wrong with people this summer? So many murders in just a few weeks.

Sketch artist…

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This was a fun one. Able to use a tad of creativity to help spice up a story. This lady was a great interview and very passionate about her work. A great artist in her own right.

One final thought from Omaha…well maybe two or three

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Walking around the new TD Ameritrade Stadium, there seems to be a certain lack of respect for the old Rosenblatt Stadium. There is no Rosenblatt drive in front of the stadium or anywhere around it for that matter.  It just didn’t seem right that with the new, they had forgotten the old. The old that had created the idea that the College World Series could be held in no other place than Omaha, Nebraska.  Omaha Municipal Stadium started it all and I just felt like more needed to be done to preserve the new park.

The final out for Texas and their quick departure from Omaha this year provided a chance to make one last drive to the Blatt. ONe could almost hear the roar of the crowd as we drove down the hill and saw the Blatt still standing. Taking a picture outside the fence I remembered all of the great moments I had inside. The feeling you got when you just knew something was about to happen. Augie would pull the rabbit out of the hat and sure enough, the unexpected would happen.

I’m a big fan of the new park, but somewhere the name Rosenblatt should’ve been there for all to see and understand that without that name, none of the new happens. How soon we forget.

but in this pictures — is more than a 1000 words — 60 years of moments — highs and lows.

old and new

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Texas made it to the College World Series way back in 1950 for the opening of Rosenblatt stadium so it’s fitting to see them here at TD Ameritrade in their inagural season. There are many new things I like and others I really don’t The statue needs to move to a more prominent place. Now it’s just stuck there because I feel like maybe they thoght they had to. There is one good thing that remains and it’s even closer to get than before and that’s the traditional Zesto’s milk shake.  The field is really spectacular, even the dirt is new and looks like something off of a movie set. The old timers will tell you they love Rosenblatt, but I bet if having been here a year….you take them back to Rosenblatt next year, they prefer here. It takes a while to get over moving traditinos but eventualy they get to tell their own new stories and with that comes new character.

The field is one of the best in the country. So, like everthing else, it’s just gonna take time to get used to the enw digs.

it’s a kids game…..

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Man times during the course of the season, you’ll see Coach Augie Garrido call time and head out of the dugout to talk to the batter. Usually it’s a situation where the Horns need a big hit or it’s a tricky situation. I think the message is just simple as “remember when you were in the back yard and playing with your dad or in Little League” or at least that we’ve been told.  That really makes it simple…it’s a kids game and when we grow older we only make it complicated with thouthts of expecations and goals we can’t control.  Much like Cole Green told us today. He had forgottne to set goals he could control. Cole spent most of the pre-season setting goals with expectations like number os wins, strike outs and pitching stats. He forgot to set a goal of just make one ptich, then the next pitch. He’s fully aware of the situation that awaits him getting the start in Monday’s elimnation game against North Carolina.  He talked openly about his struggles this year and how he now is ready for that pressure associated with elimination games in the College World Series. That’s why Augie said before the Super Regional Competition with ASU that part of the reason Cole came back was for this moment he is in now…a chance to win the National Championship and find out who he is and be the total person he wants to be going beyond even who he thought he could be. Looks like he’s well on his way and why today was a fun day.

The scene at today’s practice for North Carolina was much different than Texas.  The teams both had younsters waiting patiently for autographs and a chance to say hello. North Carolina practice at Boy’s Town and a lot of the kids were shagging BP balls for the team…and then also got a special treat taking BP with the players encouraging them on. A great sight to see on this father’s day when sometimes the best thing a father can do is put you in a postion to succeed and surround you with people who provide you with a positive influence in your life

So, if it’s a kids game and now that Cole has played the adult game of expecations….let’s hope Monday he just comes out as a kid again.


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This is my 7th trip to Omaha. Everyyear is different and this year is no exception.  The Horns will have to come through the losers bracket for the third straight weekend if they are to advance to the Championship series and open up TD Ameritrade the same way they opened Rosenblatt — with a National Championship. I think they have a shot, but I’m an optimist when it comes to teams coached by Augie Garrido. The impossible awaits someone. who has prepared for the moment.  The only thing I didn’t like about coming this year was having to cut short my vacation with my neice and nephew to head to Omaha. This is where dreams come true and life leassons are learned. Maybe one day, he will be here, maybe not.

I could never have imagined I would have been here 7 times. This time would be the most unique if they win it all. It will be the first time since 1950 they would’ve lost the first game and came back to win. They have done it 11 times but onlyonce have they done what South Carolina did in 2010. I hope we’re here for a while but if not, I think over the next four years the opportunity to make trips 8,9 and 10 are there. I think this team will win it all in the next three years.

Cole Green says he’s ready for the ball in this CWS elimination game. Cole also started the last game in 2009 against LSU so he knows pressure. I think Taylor Jungmann just tried to hard not to lose and as Augie would say, when you try you get out of rhythm and start expecting things.

So, I’m not expecting anything, just ready to enjoy whatever magical moments appear.

I say it all the time…it’s about the moments

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There really isn’t a much better afternoon to be had, than at the ballpark.  I gotta tell you it’s like an energy drink that revives you and gives you a fresh start to the summer. Baseball helps you put life back into perspective about what’s joyous, what’s a challenge and basicaly what just is.

life, like baseball , isn’t alwasy a plesant game but we are all given opportunities and the only thing we can control is how we react to the situation. I was standing today along with a good friend of mine and we just went round the horn to all of the baseball players on the field practicing and talked about the moments they had during the Regional weekend just completed.  The pregame handshake and chest bump of roommates Corey Knebel and Erich Weiss who were also named to the Louisville Slugger’s Freshman All American Team — Coach Garrido talking about Cole Green and the fact that he came back to Texas to be all he could be as a person and when he walked off the field Monday after his inning of work, you could see it in his face for what I thought the first time all year that he had captued his moment and was ready for more. Taylor Jungmann going from the disapoointment of his outing on Saturday night against Kent State to the Band of Brothers Pitching performance monday in the championship game against Kent State because you could feel that not only Taylor…but everyone knew they had more in them that maybe they thought.  Sam Stafford — wow — went 5 innings on Friday and came back strong Monday showing everyone the doubts about starting him on friday went away with all of the other doubts folks had had previously about his ability to go past 3 innings effectively. Jordan Etier with 4 unbelievable catches  Hoby Milner with probably the biggest out of the year in the 5th on Monday against Kent State with runners at 2nd and 3rd.  I could just keep going but I’m more about moments that stats and home runs..speaking of which how bout the kevin Lusson homers. I could do the math, and I won’t, but imagine if the Horns had averaged almost 1 home run a game like they did this past Regional Championship weekend? They would lead the country in home runs.  They might have more home runs in the post season than they had all regular season (13), one never knows.

I guess all of these moments are why I enjoy Augie’s book Life is Yours to Win so much and having a job for that allows me to live the book first hand. I look forward to Friday when the horns host Arizon State in the super regionals — winner goes to Omaha and the College World Series — basically because I know that Taylor Jungmann is wanting another chance to create a different outcome than his last start.  It’s exciting that he will take the mound and put himself out there to see what happens when you try…when you prepare for the opportunities…and good things happen..or not so good things happen. Taylor will have put himself out there as well as the rest of the team to see just what happens when you want to win bad enought that you’ve made sacrifices and worked yout butt off to see if it can happen.

So I’ll be there Friday to see if this group of men can see their dreams come true. It won’t be for a lack of trying or heart — it will be in the hands of life where anything is possible

Texas 4000 takes off!

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(The Texas 4000 riders participate in the Ride Dedication Circle on the UT campus Friday morning. )

The longest charity ride in the world took off from the University of  Texas campus Friday morning.  The Texas 4000 ride  includes 45 bike riders committed to raising funds to fight cancer and raise awareness by making the long trek from Texas to Alaska. With a  police escort, they made their way through downtown Austin making stops at Livestrong headquarters, and Jack and Adam’s Bicycles shop. These young people are really inspiring as they accept the challenge of a 70 day ride without really knowing what lies ahead. As they prepared for the mental and physical challenge, they engaged in a Ride Dedication Circle, pictured above. Trading stories about why they are doing what they are doing and sharing their individual inspirations. Almost everyone of them without fault had someone close to them who had been impacted by cancer. I wish them all the best on their journey and hope their summer ride is safe and successful. Watch their story tonight on KXAN Austin News at  6pm with Jim Swift.


“A True Special Session”

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For the last 5 to 6 months, Political Reporter Josh Hinkle and I have covered the 82nd Legislative Session.  We have filed many stories together, but I want to highlight one story in particular.  Over this past Memorial Day weekend, while I was spending a much needed 3 day weekend with my beautiful wife and family, Josh spent his holiday weekend at the State Capitol. On Saturday, the members of the Legislature met together on the House floor, to honor the lives lost within the past 2 years in Texas.  Josh shot, wrote and edited this story which shows that it was indeed a special day for all those inside the chamber as well.

A little miracle…

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I didn’t shoot this story but I edited it. You can never go wrong with cuddly baby shots!