Another day, in the bay…..

September 22nd, 2011 at 9:59 am by under Photo/Video, Uncategorized

For the last few days, I have become intimately acquainted with the cargo area of a Ford Explorer. It’s only been in the low nighties this week and I’ve only been discovered once. Just my tripod, camera, 2way and me. I’ve been there, while shooting an electrical, a/c contractor sting.
After rolling hours of video from multiple sources, its now time to get it all in one place.
The edit bay.

If there is one thing that i can say that i have been watching over attentively for the last couple of hours, it would have to be the dreaded status bar. It just sits there and laughs at you while you watch your blinking percentage change from 27 to 28. What else can you do. You can’t edit if the video is not in the computer so you just have to sit there, watching and waiting. Don’t even get me started about consolidation, for reals!
I think that once i get it in one place, i can cut it down to something a little more consumable. Making it easier to log and hopefully small enough to transfer to my laptop.
Don’t get me wrong, the bay is great! But i would rather edit eksewhere. Oh look, it’s at 67%.